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Wear The NYC Skyline On Your Feet
Dress socks don’t have to be boring. In fact, they should make your outfit pop. Balitello has created a line of performance dress socks that will do just that. Their Empire State ($17 USD) sock features Navy and Carolina Blue colors that were inspired by the Co-founder’s Alma Mater, Baruch College. Their collection of socks currently consist of four different designs, with the NYC Skyline sock representing the people, nightlife, and experiences one would receive in one of the most beloved cities in the world, New York City.
Balitello’s Performance Dress Socks [$17 ($12 if you join the Club)]  are a pragmatic accessory that helps fashion-forward professionals achieve a balance between comfort and individual expression. They allow you to push fashion limits discreetly while maintaining appropriate workplace style and comfort. We love “____ Of The Month Clubs” and Balitello has an awesome one. And as you likely have guessed, it’s a “Sock Of The Month Club” that gets you a pair of cool Balitello socks for $12 a month. They are more than just a pretty sock though. They feature a 200 needle count, have a cushioned heel, comfort toe, performance arch band and are made with breathable material. Also, they are made in the USA. Stop buying crappy sweatshop socks to save a buck, and get with the program brother! These socks look great and are made to last.

Let’s talk about socks baby. Socks are a clothing necessity you wear every day so both comfort and style is important. Socks are usually designed to only meet one of those needs but with Balitello Performance Dress Socks your sock game will be forever changed. These compression-like socks give you all day comfort and support while really pulling your suit style together. Because why should your socks do anything less than that?

Balitello’s “Sock of the Month Club” offers three different plans to best suit your style needs:

  • The “Starter” package for only $15 offers a sock of the month and it’s month-to-month program so you’re not locked in! This is a great way to see the socks in person and to test them out, but I promise you won’t be disappointed!
  • The “Professional” package is only $13.50 a month and it’s a 3 month plan where you receive an extra pair FREE!
  • The “Executive” package is only $12 a month and it’s a 6 month plan where you receive 2 pairs FREE!

The concept here is the longer you commit to enhancing your sock game, the more money you save & the more socks you’ll receive!

My boyfriend got his socks in the mail the other day and said that they offer tons of comfort and support. He also said that they matched seamlessly with his favorite suits and that the guys in his office noticed the cool designs and colors.

You can start the month-to-month subscription of your choice with an exclusive 10% off using the code: Halpydays (case sensitive so don’t forget the capital “H”).

You can also enter your email on their website for a chance to win a free 3-Month Sock Subscription!

Their Mission

Working in the corporate world, Robert and Mickey quickly noticed that workplace fashion has its limitations and discomfort. As former athletes, they were most bothered by the challenge of finding comfortable dress socks—the thin, inadequate construction would not hold up to a 12-hour day wearing dress shoes.

With a keen fashion sense but an affinity for gym socks, Robert and Mickey wondered how they could solve the problem of marrying style with comfort. Then came their idea for performance dress socks.

Balitello’s Performance Dress Socks—a pragmatic accessory—help fashion-forward professionals achieve a balance between comfort and individual expression. They allow you to push fashion limits discreetly while maintaining appropriate workplace style and comfort. Balitello’s mission is to help you look good while you take on the world one step at a time.



Your wedding day fashion doesn’t stop just at ‘the dress’ and the best fitting tux. Brides and grooms, take notes on some of our favorite his and hers accessories for your wedding day. (Hint: these also make great bridal party gifts!)

Ladies first:

For the Groom:

3. Men’s formal wear isn’t complete without a pair of cufflinks. Neutral or personalized, our go-to for cufflinks is Sports fans, superheroes, find something that speaks to you, even all of your groomsmen. is offering a special giveaway of one set of engravable cufflinks, plus a 10% discount code: LVL10. Enter in comments below!



Groomsmen Gifts : DETAILS & IDEAS

Here’s a unique idea for groomsmen gifts: a Sock-of-the-Month Club membership. Balitello’s Performance Dress Socks—a pragmatic accessory—help fashion-forward professionals achieve a balance between comfort and individual expression.  In a nutshell, they’re comfortable and really cool-looking socks.

Socks 1 Socks 3 Socks4



Just CHOOSE A PLAN for each of your pals. Simple as that!



Changing the 'Outlook' of Your Work-life

Organizing your email inbox using Outlook is a key part to increasing your efficiency at work. Below we wanted to highlight key functions to help yourself get organized throughout the day.


Conditional Formatting of Calendar View

Step 1: Navigate to “Calendar”, “View” tab and click on “View Settings”

Step 2: Click on “Conditional Formatting…”, followed by “Add”

Step 3: Rename the “Name” field (e.g. John’s meetings) and select a “Color” to assign to the rule

Step 4: With the rule (e.g. John’s meetings) still selected, click on “Condition…” to define the different rules by which you want a calendar appointment invite to be picked up by the rule. For example, by inserting “John Doe” in the “Organized by” box, any invite from “John Doe” will be automatically colored red.

Color Categories

Emails can now be tagged with colors and categories and eventually sorted using these color categories.

Step 1: Select an email or multiple emails and click on “Categorize” on the “Home” tab.

Step 2: If you are happy with the current category settings, you can start applying the colors and categories to the emails. If not, click on “All Categories…” to add or delete existing labels, rename a label, add a shortcut key, or even add new color categories.


Tasks Feature

If you noticed, emails that you flag as to-do items will be automatically populated in the “Tasks” panel accessible on the right. While in the “Tasks” view, there are options to allow you to easily choose when you want this task to be completed, for example today, tomorrow, or a custom date range that you can set up yourself. In addition, these tasks are also accessible on the “Calendar” panel on the right, presented in a summary timeline format. The visual timeline format serves as a visual reminder as to when tasks need to be completed.

Two Time Zone View

You can now display 2 time-zones by the side of your calendar by doing the following:

Step 1: Navigate to “File” tab, and click on “Options”

Step 2: Select “Calendar” and scroll down to the “Time Zones” section

Step 3: Check the box indicating “show a second time zone” and then label and select your desired time zone.


Personal Note Taking Tools

If you are an avid OneNote or Ever-note user and use those programs  to document and sync up your personal life, a link to access OneNote or Ever-note directly through Outlook is a useful feature. You can easily add emails or tasks to your personal Evernote by right clicking on emails or tasks, and even by clicking the “Evernote” button on the “Home” tab.


Written By,

 Mickey Abbatiello

 “Don’t Hide an Elephant”

Elephant in the room: An issue that everyone is aware of, but nobody wants to confront it.

We often find ourselves sharing dining rooms, classrooms and even conference rooms with the proverbial “elephant”, often unsure of how to go about noting the “elephant’s” presence. In the fast paced business world where time is always of the essence, it’s vital that we address the elephant in the room and personally escort him out the door before he runs amuck in our space.

Jeffrey J. Fox addresses this problem midway through his must-read “How to Become a CEO: The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization”. In short advice: nip the problem in the butt ASAP, always. “The longer you wait the more you increase the severity of the problem”. Never try to throw a cloak over the elephant, seek out who you feel is best fit to handle the issue and speak out. We can find parallels in the advice offered by the nationwide public awareness terrorism indicators campaign, “If you see something, say something”.  

Fox finishes his short chapter likening the crises managers involved in the Watergate scandal to “children trying to save sandcastles from the tide”. He then speaks of the success story of President John F. Kennedy in his handling of the Bay of Pigs ordeal. Kennedy very nobly took full blame- “my fault, we blew it, any questions?”. People who turn a problem into an opportunity to shine like Kennedy allow for a more efficient workplace environment.

This advice is easily transferable into our everyday workplace environment and will help create a better working world. Throughout the business day, we are all faced with certain decisions that lead us to that dreadful fork in the road. Do not be afraid to address certain situations to management. It is always beneficial to seek more experienced advice on how to handle certain issues that can potential negative impacts on the task at hand. Sometimes items so small can potentially have huge impacts, in which I can speak from personal experience.

Recently, I was looking through the meeting schedule for the day and noticed there was no conference room booked for one of the client meetings (which included senior executives). At that point in time, I had two decisions. Wait for the person who booked the meeting to notice the issue and maybe fix it themselves or immediately escalate the problem to the appropriate person. With my decision to immediately escalate the issue, the problem was quickly eliminated. Not only did it save our team embarrassment from being unorganized, it also provided me with the opportunity. This situation allowed me to be a better team member and further develop my relationship with my colleague I helped out. Sometimes it’s the small things that go overlooked that have huge repercussions. There is no problem too small for anyone and take every opportunity to support the team and help out the people around you.


Written By,


Mickey Abbatiello

10 Cool Desk Toys You Should Have

Having worked at various companies has some perks, one being that I continuously come across some cool desk toys! Since desk upgrades are never frowned upon, I wanted to take some time to share the ones I have as well as ones I really want. Having a fun desk also gives off positive character and will have your CEO stopping by to become 'besties'.


1. USB desk fan

Best desk purchase I ever made! It connects/powered by your computer USB port.This especially comes in clutch during the summer months and/or if your office has poor circulation (which most do).


2. 'Pop-up' portable speaker

My neighbor has this, it’s great for spur of the moment jams (like a 'power hour' from our last blog) and it does't take up much room.This small desk speaker pops up like a springy device to give a better sound quality.


3. Himalyan air purifier

These crystal like stones are mined in the mountains of the Himalayas. It purify's the air through releasing small negative ions into the surrounding area... and it makes for nice decor.


​4. Feng Shui

I hear the word 'Feng Shui' and I can't help but laugh thinking about the scene in Bad Boys II with Martin Lawrence. If you haven't seen it, click here. A little Balitello secret is that Mickey and I love the Bad Boy's trilogy. But I digress. Whether its a bonsai tree or a mini sculpture, have your desk give off a sense of swag.


5. Ever think about under your desk?

I’ve seen people have a skateboard-esk foot rest, but I much rather these. When you're not wearing your Balitello Performance Dress Socks :) ... bring the beach to you and have some sand at your feet.


Get a workout in your socks. Your choice.. chill or no chill.



6. Game time!

Take that break and have some competitive laughs with your desk neighbor. Just no cheating! (Trust me it can get ugly)


​7. Accessorize 

Don't write on you hand. Apparently the ink is bad for you. Then again nowadays everything is bad for you. Use a palm-post-it.


Write with this. Ooooo shiny!



8. Compliments for the clients… #drinks.

Treat your clients like they're family. If only this globe had our tagline, "Take on the world one step at a time", it would have been the Balitello mascot.

9. Cool keyboard



If you're gonna be typing on it all day, than you might as well make it fun!


10. Get comfy! (WARNING: You need a chill boss for these)

For the big offices out there...the convertible chair.


The ostrich nap pillow. Clever friggin' name!




If you decide you want any of these cool items to spice up your desk, feel free to click the hyperlinks below:

USB Fan - Pop-up speaker - Air purifier - Hand sculpture - Sand under desk - Trek desk - Desktop basketball

Palm post-it - Metallic pens - Globe decanter - Keyboard - Convertible chair - Ostrich nap pillow


Don't forget to 'Click to Win' on our homepage and sign up for weekly updates!


Written By,

Robert Baldino

10 Ways to Create a Fun and Innovative Workplace

Having an inspired workplace is key to growing a successful company. We acknowledge the fact that work can sometimes be a drag, but it is up to the leaders of the company to make sure their employees are taken care of. People should be able to enjoy going to work especially since we are there for at least 40 hours a week!

To help out, we will outline 10 simple ways to spark creativity, efficiency, teamwork, fun and happiness in the workplace. 

1. Creativity Room / Area: The creativity room / area is a section of the office that employees
can spend time to take a breather from their day and just think. Picture a room filled with
white boards, colorful markers and no distraction. This is where employee’s can foster
creativity with their teams in a free form environment. To help keep thoughts organized, we
create different sections on the boards where anyone can add to at anytime. Some sections

a. Inspirational quotes
b. New ideas and/or ventures to increase business
c. Suggestions to help improve the team improve
d. To do lists
e. Goals
f. Lastly, ultimately whatever fits your company best. Be Creative.

2. Employee Involvement: Making everyone feel like they are contributing and apart of the
team is key. A great way to do this is to give dedicated tasks to different team members that
only they are responsible for. This allows them to develop their leadership skills in driving
specific tasks by themselves as well as helping team members in need of their newly found

3. You Teach Me, I Teach You: A great team takes out time to learn from the knowledgeable
people sitting right next to them. Many team members have different work and cultural
experiences that can compliment each other in a great way. A way to do this is to appoint a
different team member each month to teach the overall group something new. Topics can
range from learning about 'search engine optimization' or how to play the guitar.

4. Employee Recognition Awards: It is important to recognize the employees for their dedication and hard work. Many people make many sacrifices for the betterment of the company and it shouldn't go unnoticed! Having a recognition awards program can consist of passing a trophy or in our case a “championship belt” around to a member of the team that is displaying the company’s cultural values. As one team member receives the award they than pass it on to someone else within the team, allowing for everyone to recognize each other for their hard work

5. Party Time: Having fun outside of work allows people to get to know their co-workers on a more personal level. Each month a team member should be appointed to plan an event for the team within a specific budget. The event can be a regular happy hour, wine tasting event, ski trip, competitive Dave and Busters showdown, or a professional sporting event. Just remember have some fun!

6. Provide Free Life Services in the Workplace: Many times your employees get caught up at
work and do not have time to take care of their personal responsibilities during the day. So
why not bring it to them. Best practices include:

a. Providing free breakfast
b. Traditional pizza Fridays
c. Scheduling dry cleaning services for your team
d. Provide free professional massages during lunch hours
e. Schedule free workout classes after work
f. Bring in nutritionist to provide health education for your employees

7. Role Swap: It is important that everyone has a diverse skill set and continues to learn the ins
and outs of the company. A way to do this is to allow different team members to role swap
and take on the responsibilities of another team member. This will allow people to work
with someone they never have before and will continually develop their skill sets.

8. Mentor Program: A mentorship program that focuses on career development helps create a
great dynamic work environment. Each employee should have a mentor that is of higher
experience. This individual is there to provide career direction, an unbiased voice, get you
acclimated to the company, and to ultimately look out for you.

9. Power Hour: Now some of you may confuse this with a college drinking game but we are not talking
about that one. The business power hour is a pick me up once that 2 o’clock feeling comes
along. Either everyday or periodically, once it hits 2PM, its time to turn the radio on and give
everyone a jump-start. Now we are not saying blast music and cause a disturbance, but it
works best to turn on a soothing station that everyone will be comfortable with.

10. Theme Day: Dressing up in work attire everyday could get tiring. So throughout the month
there should be at least one day in which everyone has to dress up for a selected theme. Some of the
themes include:

a. Sports day: Allowing everyone to represent their favorite team
b. Halloween: People can bring out those crazy costumes
c. Different Holidays: Everyone can wear red, white, and blue for the fourth of July
d. Movember: People can grow or wear funny mustaches to raise money for charity

Here at Balitello, it is very important to us to create a company that people want to be apart of. Work
is supposed to be both challenging and fun. We believe a positive workplace environment acts as a
catalyst for greater things to happen. New and fresh ideas are always accepted and we would love to
hear from others on different ways to make the workplace more creative, efficient, fun, team oriented 
and most of all enjoyable!


Written By, 

 Mickey Abbatiello

A Man Without A Plan: How to deal with relocation

 Here at Balitello we love interacting with our supporters and learning from their life experiences. Hearing others stories can ultimately open our minds to think in different ways. 'The Turn-Style' blog will feature guest writers to speak about different experiences throughout their business careers that have enabled them to grow into a stronger person. We our glad to welcome Marc Schechter to speak about his job relocation.


A Man Without A Plan: How to deal with relocation

I didn’t simply relocate, I jumped ship. I went cold turkey from the only life I ever knew in NYC and moved west. I had a good job, friends, family, and a great girlfriend. I was doing stand up comedy most nights. Oh and don’t even get me started on the bagels in NYC. Life was good. What I didn’t realize though is that I was just enjoying the ride. I was too comfortable. I was ready to see and do more, but of course I had no plan. I tend to take life as it comes at me. There are many things that I’ve never done before, but I try not to let that stop me from pushing forward. Relocating was one of them. I embarked on this new journey without much planning or thought, moving to Seattle hasn’t been easy.

I knew the basics. I needed a job ASAP, I needed a place, and I wanted to make new friends. Thankfully, finding a new job was easier than I thought. Finding a new place was super easy (Just Google it!). Trying to make new friends was not. I met new people at work who were fun and cool, but everyone had their own life, everyone had their pre established friend circle. I might as well have been a cybernetic organism sent back in time to save mankind, that’s the kind of reception I got in Seattle. No one knew me, no one cared, they had their comfortable life already settled. That’s when it dawned on me. I needed to TRY! OMG NO. That’s not me I thought. I am more easy going. I let things happen organically. I just go with the flow, super cool guy style. That’s not how it works when you’re an unknown quantity in a new city. You have to try. Ugh.

Should I do meet-ups? Maybe organized group bike rides. What about speed friending for bros? All those options were pretty lame to me, but I had to do something. I ended up taking the lazy road, and regretting it. I met a guy through my girlfriend’s friend, lets call him Theo. Theo and I hung out once. It was a decent time, but I could tell he wasn’t going to be my friend, we simply didn’t click. For a while I felt alone but I knew I had to keep trying.

After a few months I realized what about my new coworkers? We all laughed and kicked it in the office, what was stopping me from entering the friend zone (the good one not the bad one). I decided to suck it up, and walk that tightrope. I didn’t want to come off desperate, but I knew I had to insert myself and be outgoing at work. It took effort on my part (so not super cool guy style), but it worked out. I started planning friday happy hours, inviting friends who lived close by to try restaurants with me after work. Asking people who I began to get close with to come see me do comedy. People slowly but surely warmed up to me beyond talking at the water cooler. Now I have some real bros!

My journey is only in it’s infancy. It’s been hard and lonely at times, but I wouldn’t change any of it. The struggle is necessary, and I’m a different person than I was five months ago. I know that it’s easy to feel scared and default to not trying at all. Remember this though, if you find yourself in a situation like mine, if you don’t try at all you’ll never know. If you don’t take that risk you will fail 100% of the time. Here I am, paving a new path in a new city 2877 miles away from home. All I’ve got is confidence in who I am and the will to try.

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back.” - Paulo Coelho


Good Luck out there…

Marc Schechter