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New Beginning, New Style, New Socks

New Beginning, New Style, New Socks

As you pass through the “Turn Style,” you enter into the world where you can find the hottest new fashion trends, life advice, exclusive events, business news, mind-blowing deals, and much more. This will be the first stop for entertainment when you’re at work pretending to finish that PowerPoint, not listening to your conference call, or taking that “bathroom break.”

But before the entertainment and helpful tips begin, we want to use our first article to explain who we are and who we strive to be. Balitello is a fun and exciting company that is looking to make an impact in the fashion world by focusing on the individual. Robby and I (Mickey) believe fashion is the voice for one’s personality and presence. However, in the corporate world that voice can get lost very easily which is spoken from experience. We noticed how repetitive and bland the outfits could be but unfortunately was the norm. It almost felt like we were both living our very own Truman Show. It was the same routine over and over again.

Day 1: Black suit, white shirt, red tie, and uncomfortable  black socks
Day 2: Grey suit, white shirt, purple tie, and worn black socks
Day 3: Blue suit, white shirt, red tie, and cheap black socks
…..(Cycle continues)

Now we could add some different colored shirts and patterned ties but ultimately our wardrobes were still repetitive and predictable, especially those black golden toe socks. Now there is no problem with black socks, I mean we sell them ourselves, but we just don’t need to wear them every day. Get rid of the predictability.

Finally we than found a new accessory to make our own, The Dress Sock! They were a way to enhance the overall look of our outfit while still staying discrete for work. This was great because it allowed us to slowly push our fashion barriers. We find socks to be great outlet to express our edginess, forward thinking, excitement and really whatever we want. We figured why not use it to our advantage; we had to wear them anyway.

Now I know there are some crazy socks out there… but some are too CRAZY. I have seen ones that have skulls, cannabis plants, and who knows what else. We know this is trendy and appropriate for some environments but we created Balitello to find that middle ground. Balitello socks will always be classy, stylish, workplace appropriate and most importantly comfortable.

Remember that fashion allows you to show the world what you want them to see and in turn create lasting impressions. Allow your personality to unleash through your fashion and feel good about it. OWN IT. At least for us, there is nothing better than putting on our best outfit in preparation to take on the world James Bond style. Harness that confidence, power, adaptability, wisdom, and don’t forget to always stay dapper.


Written By,

Mickey Abbatiello 

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