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10 Cool Desk Toys You Should Have

10 Cool Desk Toys You Should Have

Having worked at various companies has some perks, one being that I continuously come across some cool desk toys! Since desk upgrades are never frowned upon, I wanted to take some time to share the ones I have as well as ones I really want. Having a fun desk also gives off positive character and will have your CEO stopping by to become 'besties'.


1. USB desk fan

Best desk purchase I ever made! It connects/powered by your computer USB port.This especially comes in clutch during the summer months and/or if your office has poor circulation (which most do).


2. 'Pop-up' portable speaker

My neighbor has this, it’s great for spur of the moment jams (like a 'power hour' from our last blog) and it does't take up much room.This small desk speaker pops up like a springy device to give a better sound quality.


3. Himalyan air purifier

These crystal like stones are mined in the mountains of the Himalayas. It purify's the air through releasing small negative ions into the surrounding area... and it makes for nice decor.


​4. Feng Shui

I hear the word 'Feng Shui' and I can't help but laugh thinking about the scene in Bad Boys II with Martin Lawrence. If you haven't seen it, click here. A little Balitello secret is that Mickey and I love the Bad Boy's trilogy. But I digress. Whether its a bonsai tree or a mini sculpture, have your desk give off a sense of swag.


5. Ever think about under your desk?

I’ve seen people have a skateboard-esk foot rest, but I much rather these. When you're not wearing your Balitello Performance Dress Socks :) ... bring the beach to you and have some sand at your feet.


Get a workout in your socks. Your choice.. chill or no chill.



6. Game time!

Take that break and have some competitive laughs with your desk neighbor. Just no cheating! (Trust me it can get ugly)


​7. Accessorize 

Don't write on you hand. Apparently the ink is bad for you. Then again nowadays everything is bad for you. Use a palm-post-it.


Write with this. Ooooo shiny!



8. Compliments for the clients… #drinks.

Treat your clients like they're family. If only this globe had our tagline, "Take on the world one step at a time", it would have been the Balitello mascot.

9. Cool keyboard



If you're gonna be typing on it all day, than you might as well make it fun!


10. Get comfy! (WARNING: You need a chill boss for these)

For the big offices out there...the convertible chair.


The ostrich nap pillow. Clever friggin' name!




If you decide you want any of these cool items to spice up your desk, feel free to click the hyperlinks below:

USB Fan - Pop-up speaker - Air purifier - Hand sculpture - Sand under desk - Trek desk - Desktop basketball

Palm post-it - Metallic pens - Globe decanter - Keyboard - Convertible chair - Ostrich nap pillow


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Written By,

Robert Baldino

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