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Changing the 'Outlook' of Your Work-life

Changing the 'Outlook' of Your Work-life

Organizing your email inbox using Outlook is a key part to increasing your efficiency at work. Below we wanted to highlight key functions to help yourself get organized throughout the day.


Conditional Formatting of Calendar View

Step 1: Navigate to “Calendar”, “View” tab and click on “View Settings”

Step 2: Click on “Conditional Formatting…”, followed by “Add”

Step 3: Rename the “Name” field (e.g. John’s meetings) and select a “Color” to assign to the rule

Step 4: With the rule (e.g. John’s meetings) still selected, click on “Condition…” to define the different rules by which you want a calendar appointment invite to be picked up by the rule. For example, by inserting “John Doe” in the “Organized by” box, any invite from “John Doe” will be automatically colored red.

Color Categories

Emails can now be tagged with colors and categories and eventually sorted using these color categories.

Step 1: Select an email or multiple emails and click on “Categorize” on the “Home” tab.

Step 2: If you are happy with the current category settings, you can start applying the colors and categories to the emails. If not, click on “All Categories…” to add or delete existing labels, rename a label, add a shortcut key, or even add new color categories.


Tasks Feature

If you noticed, emails that you flag as to-do items will be automatically populated in the “Tasks” panel accessible on the right. While in the “Tasks” view, there are options to allow you to easily choose when you want this task to be completed, for example today, tomorrow, or a custom date range that you can set up yourself. In addition, these tasks are also accessible on the “Calendar” panel on the right, presented in a summary timeline format. The visual timeline format serves as a visual reminder as to when tasks need to be completed.

Two Time Zone View

You can now display 2 time-zones by the side of your calendar by doing the following:

Step 1: Navigate to “File” tab, and click on “Options”

Step 2: Select “Calendar” and scroll down to the “Time Zones” section

Step 3: Check the box indicating “show a second time zone” and then label and select your desired time zone.


Personal Note Taking Tools

If you are an avid OneNote or Ever-note user and use those programs  to document and sync up your personal life, a link to access OneNote or Ever-note directly through Outlook is a useful feature. You can easily add emails or tasks to your personal Evernote by right clicking on emails or tasks, and even by clicking the “Evernote” button on the “Home” tab.


Written By,

 Mickey Abbatiello

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