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Argyle Splash


This innovative argyle sock was inspired by a charity we partnered up with. 

We hope to bring on more partnerships as we grow! If you have a business idea in mind or know of someone who might then feel free to drop us an email.

About the charity:

Options for Life Foundation (OFLF) is a non-profit charitable organization working to promote integrative and complementary medicine in the treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. 

With the combination of personally knowing the Fay family, who started the organization, and the opportunity to support a great cause, we automatically wanted to get involved. Our company was able to support their annual golf outing fundraiser with custom OFLF Performance Dress Socks™ giveaways as well as volunteering to run the event. What separates this organization from many others is that you actually interact and meet the patients that are receiving the charities support. 

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